Text to emoji 🤩 emoji letter APK


Text to emoji 🤩 emoji letter APK

You can convert any text into an emoji using this text font converter app. Text to Emoji has the advantage of creating text that is compatible with virtually all social media applications.


NameText to emoji 🤩
Package Namecom.elman.convert.text_to_emoji
PublisherAHH studio
Size3 MB
RequiresAndroid 5.0

The interface is much easier to use. In this tool, you can select the emoji you wish to use and have the assigned text converted to it. It is capable of quickly converting any letter to an emoji. If you wish, you may use emojis on your keyboard.

You can use this technique to enhance the beauty and interest of your social media posts. By sending a text message in the form of an emoji letter, you can surprise your friends. By using text to emoji, you are able to share text directly or by copying it.

Text Emoji Keyboard 😍😊😎❤💖👏👍🏻
Open the emoji keyboard by pressing the key near the space containing the smiley. You can also copy the desired emoji from WhatsApp and paste it here.

Perfect for all messaging platforms ✅
Emoji letter maker converts text into emojis, and it’s suitable for all messaging platforms! Note that WhatsApp deletes spaces and new lines at the beginning of the message string. So, when copying the emojis, a dot (.) is added to the head of the message.

APP Features:

😍 Customizable text
😊 Copy to clipboard
😎 Easy to share
👍🏻 Impress your friends with a stunning message!

Discover multiple sharing options! You can share the message either as text or an image or copy it. We recommend you share text in vertical orientations and images in horizontal orientation.

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