Text Repeater APK

Text Repeater App for whatsApp

Text Repeater APK

Using this application, you can send the same message several times at the same time. Message repeater is one type of message repeater that lets you send messages repeatedly, as well as set the repetition limit based on new lines of text repetition. With this app, you are also able to create repeated letters using alphabets and emoji characters, along with providing random emoji characters. It is very easy to use and requires just a few clicks to repeat your message. For longer repetition limits, the repetition process operates asynchronously.


NameText Repeater
Package Namecom.centroidapps.textrepeater
Size2 MB
RequiresAndroid 4.1+

Key Features:

* Only type once and repeat it as many times you want.
* Also repeated emojis supported
* Generate random characters with default alphabet characters or ASCII characters.
* You can also modify output
* Share your repeated text on social media
* Copy your repeated text and post on social media
* Repeated Letters supported
* Send Empty Messages
* Random Emoji Characters
* Rich user interface in material design
* Crazy Text
* ASCII Emoticons

A text bomber lets you repeat text when you want it. In addition to text, Text Repeater supports emoticons and formatting. You can design your own text for bombing messages and have fun with it. For young boys and girls who always write texts repeating texting, this text bomber is more fun for them. The Text Repeater App offers many features, so you don’t have to write anymore. Here are some of the significant benefits.


* You repeat message with each in new line
* You repeat message with index number
* You can set your own repetition limit
* Whole repeat message you can copy and paste
* One click to reset all

It is our hope that you enjoy our Text Repeater App. It will save you time and help you to be more productive. Please rate us, and feel free to provide us with suggestions.
With the Text Repeater app, you can bomb your friends with messages and surprise them with your creativity.

There is a special type of text repeater that allows you to send bombing messages repeatedly. You can limit the number of repetitions with the new line text repetition feature. This text spammer can send bombing messages using emojis and the alphabet.

The program is very easy to use and requires only a few clicks to repeat your message.
With this unique text spammer, you can type one text and repeat it as many times as you wish.
Not only will you be able to replicate text, but also emojis.

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